Monday, July 9, 2012


Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I blogged, and this one is going to be full of information. Not life-changing information or anything. Just what we've been doing lately.
The number 1 thing we've been doing is packing to go to London the first of next month. This is what our closet looks like right now. It was entirely mine and Kirsten's doing, because Mom is nowhere near that organized. She tosses the stuff to us and we do the packing.
Speaking of Mom, and my family in general, she, Molly, Sean, Holly, and I are the only ones at home right now. Dad is busy with football camp (he's a football coach), and Kirsten, Amber, Kit, and Justin are off at 4-H camp. Mom is in the middle of writing another book, so Molly and I are left in charge of Sean and Holly a lot. It reminds me of when I was the oldest kid at the orphanage, helping to take care of dozens of younger kids.

We celebrated the 4th of July at my mom's brother's house. I guess he's technically my uncle, but it's hard for me to feel that way. It's also hard for me to celebrate American being free from British rule when I AM British. What's wrong with British rule? I love England.

Molly and I have been enjoying hanging out together while the rest of the kids are gone. Mom says maybe tomorrow we can drive into the city and go play at the science center/children's museum for awhile. This past year, I've felt like I'm adjusting to my new family more than ever. I even fight with the other kids like I'm their real sister. It's been a challenge, but to quote my mom, "Clumping a bunch of strangers together and trying to make a family out of them isn't easy. It's hard. But if something isn't hard, it's usually not worth anything in the end, either."

I would end on that, but I have a few pictures to share. The first is when I video chatted my little brother last night:
Here are me and Molly hanging out in our bedroom together. It's so hot and we're trying to stay inside most of the time.

I go to French class tonight, and we are all getting French pen-pals! I am excited and nervous at the same time. Wish me luck!

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  1. Samantha,

    I am so glad that you're able to video chat with William! At least you can see him! Thank goodness for technology, huh?

    I don't understand celebrating the 4th of July, either, but then I'm not American. Heck, even the Americans didn't really do much this 4th of July. They slept in, c'est tout. That's all.