Sunday, October 14, 2012


Remember when I told you about the mean girl in my class, Mackynzie? Well my friend Sophie suggested that I invite her over, and my parents suggested the same thing. Sometimes the best way to get someone to stop being mean is to do something nice unexpectedly. So, last weekend I invited her over.
It ended up not being an ideal day because it was really cold and rainy so all my rambunctious siblings were stuck in the house. Mackynzie looked kind of uncertain, like she wasn't sure what to expect, so I offered to give her a tour of our house.
She actually seemed impressed by our large bedroom.
We sat down to play with Molly's iPad. Mackynzie said she already had one of her own, but I showed her some of our pictures we've taken with the iPad.

Next we decided to play with my dollhouse

At that point, my siblings realized that I had a friend over, and they came thundering in from all directions to see who it was. Mackynzie looked really overwhelmed. I can't say I blame her. I introduced her to everyone.

Some of us decided to play a game together until Mackynzie's mom came to pick her up.

 I don't know if Mackynzie and I will ever be best friends, but I did have fun. Have you ever invited over someone you didn't like and wound up having fun?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I was nominated for the versatile blogger award!

So, I really have no idea how this thing works. A few days ago a girl named Saoirse ( nominated me for it, so I now shall proceed to accomplish the requirements.

The Versatile Blog Award!

1. Must State Requirements

2. Thank the Person Who Awarded You

3. Pass the Award on to Five Other Bloggers
 My picks:

1. Crystal James (
2. Sophie Moreau (
3. Katia Grinkova (and her sisters) (
4. Sabine Bouchard (
5. Keyvee and her sisters (
3 1/2. Notify the Awarded Bloggers by Commenting on Their Blogs

4. Share Seven Unusual Things About Yourself
(My sister Amber would be better at "unusual" stuff)
1. I hate pickles
2. One of my thumbs in double-jointed
3. My favorite thing about America is Johnny Rocket's. :D
4. I am worried that my English accent is beginning to fade
5. If I could have any animal as a pet, I would have a cotton-topped tamaran
6. When I was first adopted, it was really overwhelming having all these siblings, but now I have gotten used to it
 7. Another blog post will be up this weekend!