Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm learning French!

I am learning French. Il est difficile! But for the first time since being adopted, I am actually doing something besides searching the internet for William. Or, I mean.....Mais pour la première fois depuis qu'il a été adopté, je suis en train de faire autre chose que des recherches sur internet pour William.

Okay, I'll admit I used a translator for that one.
But here's one I can do on my own-Le temps est chaud! Which, it is. And I feel all mixed-up because I'm in the United States speaking French in a British accent!
Sophie Amelie Moreau was my inspiration for learning French. She is so smart, beautiful, and kind-everything I wish I was! I wish I could meet her someday. My favorite thing about America is meeting all the people on Facebook.
Kirsten and Amber ditched us and hightailed it to the beach. The rest of us are hanging around home trying to beat the heat. Kit and I redecorated our bedroom, our chambre à coucher. What do you think? What are you doing this summer?
Au revoir et merci pour la lecture!

Okay, I cheated on that one, too. 

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