Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My new friend

I've been taking French class every Monday night at my school. It is so fun! Plus, it is a much smaller group than my regular classroom during the school year, which makes it easier for me to talk to people. In fact, I even made a new friend. Her name is Sadie Campbell. Here is a picture of us together.
The best part about Sadie is that she is British, too!! Both her parents are from England, and they came here when Sadie was seven because her father was transferred.

This weekend I spent the night at Sadie's house, my first time spending the night with someone in the two years I've lived here. Sadie lives in a beautiful Victorian home with her parents and her two sisters, Mary and Clarie, and as soon as the car pulled into the driveway, we made a beeline for Sadie's bedroom.
Sadie loves dolls as much as I do. She even has a doll bed that matches her real one.
Sadie's mom still serves tea every afternoon, just like she did in England. We wanted to drink our tea outside, but it was raining, so we did the next best thing-we had it in Sadie's room with our dolls.

At night, Sadie and I got in her bed and talked for a long time about what parts of England we miss (everything, but the food especially), and our favorite parts of America (French class, hot dogs, baseball). Our dolls talked together, too.

What are your favorite things to do with your friends?

Oh, and stay tuned for the next blog post. I may or may not have some news......

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  1. Salut, Samantha!
    Je suis très heureuse que tu apprennes la langue française! After all, I am French, and I'm glad to know that people are studying my native language. :)
    Sadie sounds cool; I'm glad that you made a friend! I definitely can relate to you two; I know what it's like to be from another country, too.
    My favorite things to do with my friends are shopping, just talking, watching movies, listening to music, and taking walks.