Saturday, May 26, 2012

My life in America

I don't want you to get the wrong impression after reading my last blog post. I LOVE the United States, my new parents, my siblings, my pets, my school, I guess you could say everything. This Christmas, my mom and dad took me to Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. It was so fun!
I also went to American Girl Place and the Coca-Cola museum this February. Yes, I realize that there is a rat in my lap.
I have so many pets, the cutest being Bitsy
Here I am reading a book to Justin, my new brother who reminds me so much of William:
My parents are even working on finding William. He was moved to a different orphanage recently, so we don't exactly know where he is right now. I worry about him. I hope he knows that I'm going to keep my promise of finding him. I hope he isn't scared. It would be so great to have him here, especially since I'm the only family member with a British accent. Everyone loves to imitate me, but I think they're just kidding.


  1. Hey, British accents are cool! I'd give anything to have a British accent; I get so tired of my Southern drawl.

    I really hope you can find William! I know he must miss you a lot.

    Bitsy is SO cute!


    1. Hey Maura!
      Everyone I know has a Southern drawl! I think they sound really cool :)
      Bitsy says thank you!